BIOGRAPHY - my history

VillanuevaS is a self-taught artist that always liked to doodle and thinks he carries something in the genes that make him paint and draw. A father’s uncle was a painter in Spain. Although he was born in Colombia, his roots are from Europe. Spain and Lithuania produce a combination of cultures in his inner being, and if you add that he has lived in several countries of the world, the result is a rich influence on his artwork. The European and Latin America architecture marked his life.

He started to study some basics of paint and drawing in Madrid (Escuela de Artes Imaginarias, 1977) but because of life circumstances, he left the art to the side. Just some years ago, he returned to his passion, recognizing that age does not impede fulfilling God's plan. He also finished a mastery program at Milan Art Institute.

VillanuevaS is a multidisciplinary artist who has a clear awareness, that God has a purpose for everyone, and with that vision, he likes the quote: "we must do our work for its own sake, not for fortune or attention or applause".

He is inspired by the nature, the smell of the trees, and photos on the Internet. He is also inspired by memories of the places he grew up. His studio helps in the creative environment because he can see a swamp from the window, and the birds and ducks singing in the morning.

VillanuevaS plans to teach painting to children in the future and also has the idea to have a gallery.