My art is impressionist, abstract, and expressionist. I like to paint still life, old villages, European and Latin American architecture, and boats. Albeit I like to paint everything.

We are a creation of God. He is the perfect Creator and we as an artist could be an Ambassador of God’s beauty

I started painting with oil, but not many years ago I learned about watercolor and love it. Now I use all types of paint and mediums.
I am inspired by the nature, the smell of grass trees, and photos on the Internet. I am also inspired by memories of the places I grew up and visiting museums and expositions. The European culture marks my life

Art means peace, liberty, and freedom. When you paint, all your emotions are captured on the canvas. Someone said that the background reflects your innermost: how you feel, your fears, etc. I believe it!
Generally, I make 2 or 3 simple sketches of the resource I have. See the light, and composition to get the idea, and then choose one of the three. Sometimes I get crazy and put something on the canvas with no idea of what I will get in the end